The two brands have complementary gluten-free product lines. Ancient Harvest’s portfolio includes quinoa, pasta, hot cereal, polenta and other plant-based protein products made from gluten-free superfoods. Pamela’s offerings range from gluten-free baking mixes and baking ingredients such as pancake mix and paleo flours to pasta meals, ramen, snack bars, cookies and graham crackers.

“I launched Pamela’s Products in 1988 to provide great-tasting gluten-free products for people with special dietary needs. The gluten-free space has exploded over the years, and the company has grown accordingly,” said Pamela Giusto-Sorrells, president and founder of Pamela’s Products, who is stepping away from day-to-day operations. “Joining forces with Ancient Harvest ensures that our commitment to delivering the best tasting gluten-free foods will continue with a company that has the same values and dedication to quality that have put us on the map.”

“The saying that there’s strength in numbers applies directly to this transaction. Marrying two established gluten-free brands will give us more traction with retailers, more critical mass with suppliers, more operational and marketing efficiencies, and more knowhow in working with gluten-free ingredients for product innovation,” said John Becker, CEO of Ancient Harvest. “All of these factors will benefit the growing number of consumers who need or prefer gluten-free options.”

According to Encore Consumer Capital Operating Partner, Steve Mintz, “This represents a transformational acquisition not only for Ancient Harvest, but also for sister Encore company Fantasy Cookie Company which will manufacture a large portion of the Pamela’s products.  While always active in the gluten-free baking sector, Pamela’s represents a new level of critical mass in gluten-free manufacturing at Fantasy.”

About Ancient Harvest
Ancient Harvest was the first company to bring quinoa to the United States in 1983, helping establish it as one of the country’s premier superfoods. Today the company’s portfolio spans a wide range of organic, non-GMO, plant-based foods including multiple varieties of quinoa, pasta, mac and cheese, and polenta – all made from gluten-free ‘power’ ingredients ranging from quinoa to beans and lentils. For more information, visit