Now, in addition to being a great last-minute gift idea for those furry family members every purchase will also go to further support this great cause.

“My dog, Zuke, inspired the idea behind the company and is also the inspiration for our commitment to The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund,” said Patrick Meiering, founder and CEO of Zuke’s. “Zuke was a victim of cancer, and we are hopeful that our contributions will help fund research to treat the disease, as well as help fund treatment for those pets who are fighting cancer.”

According to Pet Care TV, an exclusive pet-related news and information channel aired exclusively in Vet Clinics, 60-percent of all dogs will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime, and cancer is the leading natural cause of death.(1) Additional research from Texas A&M’s Veterinary School states that dogs have 35 times as much skin cancer as humans, four times as many breast tumors, eight times as much bone cancer, and twice as high an incidence of leukemia.(2)

While many cancers can be linked to genetics, hormones and infections, they are also linked to the environment. One goal of The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund is to better understand how local exposure to environmental toxins contributes to the development of cancer.

“Even though it is impossible to prevent cancer,” Meiering continues, “it is safe to assume that healthy, clean ingredients will not be a contributing factor. Because of our all-natural ingredients and quality manufacturing standards, you can be confident that your pet treats are not increasing their risks of cancer through environmental toxins.”

Zuke’s has been supporting the DCCF ( for over three years now. In addition to the DCCF, Zuke’s also sponsors humane societies, dog teams, racing teams and community organizations.

About Zuke’s™
Zuke’s was founded in 1995 on the realization that pets need healthy, all–natural treats, just as much as people do. Named after the founder, Patrick Meiering’s loving chocolate Lab, the company is dedicated to creating tasty, healthy treats and chews that meet the unique nutritional needs of dogs and cats to keep them performing at their best. Zuke’s also supports a non-profit started by Meiering in memory of his companion. Each year, the company donates a portion of its profits to the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund in memory of Zuke. Visit them online at

Zuke’s is headquartered in Durango, Colo. and was chosen as one of the Top 50 Colorado Companies to Watch in 2009. Visit for more information.


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